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TvAnts is one of the pioneer in P2P streaming industry and its the only ENGLISH P2P streaming program after cool streaming stopped the service. As we knew that all these software are from China, and usually it's written in Chinese, we are lucky enough to have English version of TvAnts with us.

TvAnts has a simple user interface where it shows all the channel can category by genre. From sports to music and education; from ESPN to Discovery channel. TvAnts has all what we need.

The only disadvantage of TvAnts is the advertisement during loading and also the long buffering time. Meanwhile the picture quality is best compare to other software. I am sure that the long buffering time is worth to be waited.

As of the upgrade of the software, TvAnts does not release the updated version frequently but only stable one.

Download TvAnts and enjoy the TV show now.


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